Monday, June 1, 2009

HCG Diet Round 2 Weight Eradication

Previously I posted results from a diet I started about a month or so ago. Today, I checked in with Dr. Anna at the Body Focus Laser and Longevity Center in Midland to get my official results. According to her scales I had eradicated only 14 pounds instead of the 20 I originally thought. She gave me a scornful look and asked if I had followed the diet exactly as I was supposed to. I admitted no, that some days I did eat foods that weren't allowed and that on some days I did eat only the foods that were allowed, but more than 500 calories.

"Miss Joely, you must follow the plan. You did not reset your hypothalamus or get your metabolism jump started."

As she was scolding me, I quietly pondered..."hm, I just finished a big lunch at Red Lobster and had a slice of key lime pie. I'm not weighing in the morning. My shoes are heavier than the ones I wore the first time I weighed in." Dr. Anna continued on with her reprimands, then she measured my BMI (body mass index) and it registered 28%. That measurement put a smile on Dr. Anna's face because my previous BMI was 33%. That's 5% eradication of body mass!

Now we're onto round two of the HCG diet, and I've promised Dr. Anna that I'll be a better dieter and stick with the food plan. I confessed that I have trouble with eating the meat, so she suggested exchanging the meat portions for a boiled egg.

Dr. Anna has mixed feelings about my results, but I'm pleasantly pleased. Today at Target, I grabbed two sizes of capris from the rack. One a size 8 and the other a size 6. I went to the dressing room and tried the 8s first; lots of room in the waist, roomy in the thighs. I then tried on the 6s; snug, but zipped them up...:)

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