Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wink Texas Presents the 20th Annual Roy Orbison Festival

When I moved to Wink back in 1985 with my parents there wasn't a Roy Orbison Festival, but my parents and I did live originally on the same spot that Orbison lived so many years ago. I escaped from Wink in 1987 after graduation, but returned in 2001, to everyone's disbelief as well as my own. That's when I experienced my first Roy Orbison Festival.

It was a big let down, considering I'd heard about the "glory" days of when the Roy Orbison Festival was awesome. They had big name performers such as Ray Price,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Earl Thomas Conley, and Rick Trevino ...but that was in the past. It seemed that a few of the old timers only wanted Roy Orbison impersonators, so the big performers no longer came.

Year after year, the Roy Orbison Festival dwindled. They changed the month about five years ago to April and then the following year didn't even have a festival! Winkites were tired of being let down and someone(s) needed to step in and get the festival back on track! After all, the whole point was to commemorate Roy Orbison.

This year Wink has a new mayor, and some fresh blood on the committee. People are excited and talking it up. The Roy Robison Festival will feature the Pretty Woman Contest, the Roy Orbison Museum, a car show and parade, flea market, vendors and a street dance.


Durango said...

You're in the Pretty Woman Contest, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful evening; great music from both bands and all that were present behaved in a proper manner. You need to advertise in publications like the Texas Monthly to draw in a bigger crowd. This is important; it's not everyday that a person who grew up in your home town makes it big.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Dear Anonymous, I don't have that nifty little comment notification like Mr. Durango, so today I stumbled across your comment. I'm so glad that you could attend, I even heard that "huge" fans from Holland were there and shared pics from their home. You're absolutely right, we should advertise a bit better...we did get some sweet help from Mr. Durango, he was extremely kind.

Durango, as flattering as it might be to walk across stage sporting a beautiful evening gown, I'm just gonna have to pass up the opportunity.