Saturday, May 30, 2009

Most Frightening Experience Turns into...Old Fashioned Prank on the Night of Project Graduation

Friday, May 29th, graduation ceremonies simultaneously occurred across our great state. The evening in Wink fell right into line. Years ago something called Project Graduation reared it's lovely head. To replace after graduation drinking and loss of lives, the school locks in seniors and provides food, prizes and entertainment. Since Wink only supports a senior class of about 20 - 25, the entire high school gets an invitation to spend the night.

The festivities in Wink included door prizes, cash awards to seniors, mechanical bull riding, sumo wrestling, swimming, XBOX tournaments and lots of food and soda. I dropped my son, the freshman, off around 10:00PM; feeling rather confident that he would be safe and cared for. All his goofy friends, beaming ear to ear waved goodbye to me.
Not more than 30 minutes later, I heard a car pull up outside the house, lights were flashing and then a forceful knock on the door. I turned on the outside light, looked through the glass panes on my front door and saw the local Law Dog (I'm a huge Tombstone fan) with my son and his friends standing with their heads lowered behind him. First thought, "OMG, what did they do?" I opened the door and stepped outside. Law Dog asks, "Are these your kids?" Okay, I only had a few seconds to respond, thousands of thoughts are running rampantly through my mind, neurons are firing, synapses are connecting...first reaction was to deny that I knew them or even have ever seen them before, but I swallowed and accepted responsibility for my little piglet. "Only this one. (I pointed to the one in the above picture with his hands on his hips wearing the striped shirt) The others are his friends." Law dog, "What would you like for me to do with the others? Shoot 'em?"

Wow, they must of done something really bad...for him to suggest shooting them. I simply shook my head and said, "Sure." That's when giggles broke loose within the four fiends... Law Dog helped the four pull a prank on poor old mom, he only gave them a lift back to the house because Justin had forgotten something. You can bet your bottom dollar...I won't be living this one down for awhile. Secretly, I was pretty pleased with the creativity and that they weren't in any trouble after all!

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