Friday, May 29, 2009

Positive People Perks from Houston Baptist University to New Orleans

In a previous post, I mentioned surrounding yourself with positive people...especially if you have been associating with the opposite type for so long. I read a friend's blog a while back where he mentioned a couple of people that impacted his life in a hugely positive way.

I normally don't kiss and tell, but today...I am. For a very long time I didn't converse with anyone. Over the past 8 months I've reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. I'll list them in the order that they appeared...and their contributions.

Bret - I dated him a very long time ago, when I was a freshman at Houston Baptist University. Bret is intelligent, witty and yes, ladies...he's available. Bret helped awaken the desire to have social contact again. He got me to sign up on Face Book, start IM, sent me a router, shared some fascinating books, talked into the wee hours and inspired me to believe in myself.

Garland - A friend from high school that was one of the first to friend me on Face Book. I've always liked Garland, he was the Valedictorian and I was the Salutatorian. He was and still is very smart, clever and just has brilliant insight. Through Garland I've met two other people that I really like.

Lara - She's the most positive person I've ever known. She's beautiful, poetic, compassionate, a great parent and wonderful friend. She and I talk on the phone now almost every other day, I can truly say that I love her with all my heart. We will be meeting in person for the first time this August. Oh, I almost forgot...she's an excellent photographer!

Durango - I don't even know his real name, but I've so enjoyed reading his travel blogs. Durango has reawakened my desire to explore and travel. I love reading about the places he's been and I also like his other blog about his stuff that he does in Fort Worth.

Robbie - He's an old friend from New Orleans, about the time I used to frequent the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Robbie has gone through hell and back...survived and is now living to tell his story. He has inspired a new confidence in myself and thinks I should write a book. His belief in me is outstanding. Also, Robbie thinks I'm sexy...that's a first. ;) Here's just a sample of all the positive stuff he says..."If you were to look at each occurrence in your life as a petal from a rose, think of the garden you have experienced...and better yet, the meadow that awaits..."

When a person loses touch with his fellow humans, he becomes smaller...less in substance. His existence shrinks, purpose dies and life dwindles. Okay, I know that this has been sappy, but I don't care...thanks for being a friend.


Anonymous said...

I am humbled. I adore you and can't wait to show you how sexy you can feel by doing your photos underneath that waterfall in August. Sometimes it means more to a woman coming from another woman to be told that you are sexy. You deserve nothing but the best. From one beautiful woman to another, a toast to us single wonderful moms who are patiently waiting for that beautiful man to come along who is not afraid of commitment. :) I love you!!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Lara, I'm definitely blessed to have you in my life. A chance comment on Face Book has brought two people together for a lifetime! I accept the virtual toast and await the physical toast in August, until then...:)