Friday, May 8, 2009

Embracing Change in West Texas

Endings signal new beginnings

It's appropriate and ironic that my post about change is occurring simultaneously with a possible major life changing event.

Previously I posted about taking risks and mentioned that I stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted a position with West Texas State School; for those who are not familiar with this school, it is a correctional facility for boys. Throughout the school year...I've experienced tons of changes; I had to develop a persona that allowed me to function within this new setting. Trial and error were my best and closest friends; over all...I maintained and continued on.

Today, I found out that the Texas state senate has ordered the closing of West TX State School as well as Victory Fields. No big deal, right...I can just hop over to the next little town and teach there.

I knew that the winds of change were quoted from a dear friend of mine...and I don't just want to move onto the next little school. We tend to think that during change we are losing stuff, that it subtracts something from us. We cling desperately to what we think is our life line...when maybe, the true life line is out there and we have to let go in order to grasp our saving coil.

I was going to post about something in my past and how I was able to undergo changes, but since I am now experiencing a major life change...get ready for the journey!

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