Sunday, May 31, 2009

Milestone Becomes a Commitment to Change in Wink Texas

The final stage of change is commitment. When you turn commitment into a milestone, it becomes a memorial to the whole process of change. This is when you get to look back and see what you've accomplished or see how far you've come on the journey.

I live in Wink home of the Roy Orbison Festival, and I love my little house. Last summer the kids and I planted 11 trees, tore down an old cattle guard that was posing as a fence, created a fire pit on the empty side lot, found big rocks and painted them different colors to line the pit, made a totem pole out of the old standing utility pole on the lot, and repainted the kitchen. We put a lot of time and effort into the house and have come to be very proud of it...not because it's the biggest and prettiest house in the neighborhood, but because we've made a commitment to invest in our home. Change is uncomfortable, but if you manage it well the change becomes the victory you can celebrate.

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