Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wink to Balmorea to Fort Davis and back

A bad weather day unused led to a wonderful adventure for myself and my darling daughter Annie. After her Korean feast at school, which included delightful dishes of Bulgogi and Saewoo Twigim , we took off in our Nissan pickup truck and traveled just a few miles up the road to Balmorhea State Park. The swimming pool is open year round from 8AM until sunset, out here that could be around 7PM. The swimming is free for children under the age of 12 and only costs $7 for adults and teenagers. We didn't swim, but instead dabbled in our most favorite past After purchasing a park permit for only four dollars, we found a lovely little spot and endeavored on fishing. My daughter thought it funny, that some people refused to pay four dollars when upon getting caught without a permit would cost you a hundred bucks. She chuckled over that for quite some time.

The weather turned sour, lightning and a bit of rain, and we packed up the truck and headed for the next destination of Fort Davis. We had
reservations at the Stone Village Tourist Camp, we never stayed there before and our eagerness to arrive and check out the camp escalated. Before arriving, I spoke with the camp manager, Randall, and found him most pleasant over the phone. The pleasantness did not end with the phone, his attentiveness and enthusiasm to ensure a pleasurable stay endeared me to this little camp.

The next morning, we went hiking at the Fort Davis State Park. I chose a
1.5 mile hike that ended at the Indian Lodge, but somehow we must have started on the wrong trail and what should have been a leisurely hike turned into a 3 mile trek. Although, three miles doesn't sound so bad, try it with a grumpy, hungry and tired 8 year old. Annie endured and we finally made it to the lodge and had a wonderful lunch.

We spent the evening at the camp, with our host Randall attending to our every need. He built a fire for making s'mores
, played his guitar, brought plenty of towels for the pool and pretty much spoiled us rotten.

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