Sunday, May 31, 2009

Explore The Possibilities of Change in Golden Colorado

The third stage of change is exploration. This translates into Milestone #3...find possibility. Milestone #3 transforms indecision into creativity and vasts amount of energy. In my situation, when I was pressed with the possibility of having to find a new job, I was offered the opportunity to continue my education on the house. That means that I have funding to get a masters! If I had been resistant to change then this opportunity wouldn't have arose.

Whatever situation I'm faced with, I will always state clear goals and find the most efficient path. I knew back in 1996 that I wanted to leave New Orleans. I was newly divorced with a child of 3 1/2 and I decided the two of us needed a change. Why Colorado? Well, when I went out there with a friend for Spring Break, this will sound pretty silly, but it was the very first time I had ever seen the mountains.

You know that song...purple mountain majesty? There they were, standing majestic and purple in front of mouth fell open, eyes filled with that moment those ancient grand mountains beckoned to me. I had to answer the call. Within 3 months, I resigned from my job, packed all my belongings into a U-Haul truck and headed to Colorado. I didn't have a job or even a place to live.

I stayed in a hotel room for a week...I was running out of time. I contacted a house renters association and this lady brought me from place to place. Nothing felt right and in the meantime, I set up an interview with a DME company for a billing position. After the interview, I picked up a paper and looked through the rental classifieds. An add stood out...2 bedroom home in Golden, fenced back yard, playhouse...that was it. Yes, it was more than I wanted to pay, but when I pulled up into the driveway of that sweet little house...I knew that this was where Justin and I would begin our lives in Colorado.


Durango said...

You are one brave adventurous risk taking girl! Moving to the first mountains you've ever seen. When I first saw the Rockies I was disappointed. You grow up hearing about the Rockies, huge mountain range. My perception problem came from growing up near a much younger, much more rugged range of mountains, and looking at them from sea level. When you're in Denver you're already a mile high. When you're at sea level, Mount Rainier's summit is over 14,000 feet above you. Once I figured out why I was being non-plussed with the Rockies I saw their charms. Loved Rocky Mountain National Park and driving to the top of Pikes Peak.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I'm ready for another move...possibly this time overseas. I did get a job offer in Korea and now I'm looking into Australia. The only thing holding me back at the present is paperwork! If I had a scanner I could actually post the pictures of my first house and the view; you could also see my son with his girly-long hair. The veiw was rather lovely and being from below sea level anything taller than a hill is impressive! The saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is well as prior experience and those things will shape our perceptions and what we find beautiful.