Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andrew Cuomo Is My Hero

Not often does a higher up get it. Usually it takes the devastating effects of a Love Canal, the Savings & Loan Scandal, the Exxon Valdez Oil spill for any representative of the people to see clearly. That's why I'm so impressed with this Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General for New York.

Seems that this BIG OIL company, Fortuna, has been using dirty underhanded deceptive manipulative coercive bullying tactics to extend land leases. Mr. Cuomo pointed out that many of these oil and gas manipulators use their size and access to unlimited financial resources to pressure land owners into giving in. Most of these land owners don't have the ability to hire an attorney to protect their rights.

"Today’s settlement is a good first step, as Fortuna is the first company to agree to stop these practices."

Did you notice what I noticed about Cuomo's statement? FIRST COMPANY! Do you possibly think that there are other BIG OIL & GAS bullies out there? Heaven forbid!

Listen to how Fortuna's President responds:

“It has always been our intention to act fairly, honestly and give leaseholders a choice

Oh, I see Mr. O' intended to be honest. You intended to be fair. You intended to give the landowners a choice. What do they say about intentions?

“Hell isn't merely paved with good intentions, it is walled and roofed with them” Aldous Huxley

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