Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Shadow, A Ghost OR Just A Chance Shot?

My friend Jesse, whom I've blogged about before has lost a mother, father, brother and now his sister Myrna to cancer. Jesse is a cancer survivor and he is now caring for his sister Ramona who has also been diagnosed with cancer. Myrna's cancer was detected rather late which didn't give her much of a chance to beat it.

Myrna loved all things scary. I think she had like almost every scary movie known to mankind. Halloween was her most favorite holiday and she preferred doing things in the dark. Myrna died October 29th and was buried on October 31st, yep...on Halloween. The ceremony at the church was also delayed due to no electricity, yep...they had the service in the dark!

Then, Halloween night, the family drove around town, paying homage to all the local ghosts, possibly wrapping houses in fond memory of Myrna and creating their own way of saying goodbye. On the way to do some tricking, a cousin snapped her camera at the carport to make sure the flash was working. This is the photo she caught. If you look closely, you can see a black figure, that shaped of a man, leaning over a table.


TXsharon said...

What a tragic family. Freaky picture too!

Durango said...

That is way too much cancer for one family. Buried on Halloween. I tell you, you live in Twin Peaks, Texas.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I know Sharon, and it's amazing that Jesse makes me smile. We were just at the basketball game tonight, Wink won it in the last 7 seconds...great game!

I'm beginning to think you're right about Wink, Mr. Durango. Starting to compile a list of characters, this could prove to be quite entertaining.