Friday, November 13, 2009

The Priveledged Few Sitting At The Top

Louie Gohmert (REP) TX-1 8%
Jeb Hensarling (REP) TX-5 8%
Sam Johnson (REP) TX-3 8%
Michael McCaul (REP) TX-10 8%
Joe Barton (REP) TX-6 0%
Kevin Brady (REP) TX-8 0%
Michael Burgess (REP) TX-26 0%
John Carter (REP) TX-31 0%
Mike Conaway (REP) TX-11 0%
John Culberson (REP) TX-7 0%
Kay Granger (REP) TX-12 0%
Ralph Hall (REP) TX-4 0%
Kenny Marchant (REP) TX-24 0%
Randy Neugebauer (REP) TX-19 0%
Ron Paul (REP) TX-14 0%
Ted Poe (REP) TX-2 0%
Pete Sessions (REP) TX-32 0%
Lamar Smith (REP) TX-21 0%
William Thornberry (REP) TX-13 0%

What exactly are you looking at? Well, it's not my kids' report cards, but the environmental score cards of the Representatives for Texas. Doesn't look like they've passed any of their classes.

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