Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankfulness On This Day Of Thanksgiving

Awakening before the sunrise and quite some time before the rest of my family, gives me plenty of time to ponder what this day of Thanksgiving will entail. As I was brewing the coffee, I allowed the aroma to wash over me... causing a stirring sensation and a tingling of all my senses. I peered out the window to witness the morning sun gently caress the golden leaves resting carelessly on the back lawn.

Two days ago, Annie and I were driving over to Kermit to procure a meal for herself and her brother. She commented on how quickly the year has gone by. I replied that this would be her last single digit year of age. She grew quite sullen, for I think it was at that moment that she knew she would no longer be a child, but soon to be a pre-teen, entering into the double digits of life.

Back to this morning, I remembered our conversation and a smile developed in the dark recesses of my mind then proceeded to show itself upon my lips. No one else could see my smile, but none the was there. I thought about her, my son Justin and all the wonderful new people I'd met this year. I poured my first cup of coffee and observed my daughter sleeping peacefully snuggled up next to her daddy and was thankful that her daddy and I remained friends.

It pains me for other people to comment so rudely about my ex hubby staying with the kids and I during the holidays. It's rather selfish and disrespectful of others to react so badly especially when it has nothing to do with them at all. Sometimes, relationships don't last...we all know that. Sometimes, people weren't a good fit from the beginning, it's not anyone's fault, it just turns out that way. Sometimes, good people go bad for a season and then find themselves and become good people again.

These rude comment makers even go a bit further and start being really crass by making suggestive insinuations. Did it ever occur to them that possibly my ex hubby just truly wants to spend time with his children? Sometimes circumstances are just beyond your ability to control them. I'm not a mean person and whether anyone else understands or not, I truly don't care. What matters is that my children are happy which in turn makes me happy. There are times when people make choices that don't reflect their true nature. I believe that was the case for my ex hubby and things spiraled out of control for him and he was unable to cope with it all.

I explained to a friend of mine just yesterday that he didn't need to understand, that he only needed to accept it and if he wasn't able to accept my friendship with my ex hubby then there was a possibility that our friendship would no longer exist. Because what this person fails to see, is that my ex hubby will always be a part of my life. He may no longer be the person I share the intimate parts of my life with, but he is the father of my children.

This person went on to ask, "So, he'll still come and stay with you if you get remarried?" Well, how asinine is that? All I do know is that my youngest needs to feel loved and to have the love of both parents if possible and that's what I'm trying to accomplish. Why shouldn't she be able to have that?

Okay, that was enough thinking about that. I'm thankful that some people understand why it's important to be thankful, to not take people and situations for granted. I bet the residents along Carter Ave are thankful, they might even take a bit more time today before diving into that feast. They might feel their eyes twinge, a tear develop and then they'll close their eyes as that single drop rolls slowly down their cheek. And it's not a tear of sadness, but one that holds all the relief it could possibly muster. A heavy burden has been lifted and we should all be thankful. I know I am.

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