Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm Being Followed By The Oil & Gas People and Kevin Forbes

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email stating that the Oil and Gas people are following me, specifically Kevin Forbes. Hmm...I went to the link because I was curious to find out exactly who this Kevin Forbes was and who these Gas and Oil people were.

I didn't find out much, seems that Kevin Forbes is a (recruiter correction) Contractor for the oil and gas industry. (Kevin was kind enough to comment on this post and fill me in on some much needed details.) If you follow his link you'll see his work profile. I'll's very impressive and he's worked all over the world.

I clicked on another link that sent me to a different part of the website and came across a tab for oil and gas news. Well, I thought this might be interesting. And sure enough it was. Seems that the US government fined the British company BP for "failing to fix hazards at its Texas City oil refinery." The hazards caused a major explosion at the refinery causing 15 deaths four years ago.

It was a record high fine, leading some to think that a criminal case could be brought against BP. What I found extremely interesting in the article was this statement from Obama's labor secretary, Hilda Solis,

This administration will not tolerate disregard of our laws," said Solis, who said that BP had a moral responsibility to look after its employees at Texas City. "We don't need to see another loss of another life there. Our motto is we would like to see people go into work and be able to come home to their families

WOW! Maybe there's hope for that family that were the recent victims of Aruba Petroleum. Does President Obama's labor secretary, Hilda Solis, know about these recent heinous acts of Aruba Petroleum? Is the administration aware of all the future lives of families that will be altered for years to come because of unenforced safety regulations? Is there actually a chance that the BUCK finally stops here?


TXsharon said...

hahaha! You're giving Aruba as much hell as I am. They deserve it.

Tim and Christine had to move their horses and now they pay $700/month board. Reilly (9yo) cried when they moved her horse. =(

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

What an unnecessary expense. Their daughter is the same age as mine and she loves animals, so I know this has got to be hard for her.

Kevin Forbes said...

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