Thursday, November 26, 2009

Converting A Classic To Use Natural Gas

That's Mark Trott, another one of Pickens' Pushover Puppets. He thinks it's real cool to convert a Pontiac GTO to use natural gas. Oh,'s no longer a gas guzzling, emission producing dinosaur of a vehicle.

"No matter what happens, the trip is on and the car will keep rolling. It’s their call for independence from foreign oil, the creation of new jobs and the reduction of our carbon footprint."

But these gearheads have no idea of the carbon footprint being left behind by the big oil & gas companies. All they see is the end result and they're calling it "GREEN". How tragically wrong they are. Push the Pickens' Plan doesn't inform you of all the dirty deeds and bullying tactics of the oil and gas companies, and why would it? I'll tell ya why, because Boone T. Pickens IS BIG OIL & GAS!!! So, PLEASE...continue to make this guy FILTHY rich!

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