Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Senate committee to tackle climate measure despite boycott threats - API SmartBrief

Senate committee to tackle climate measure despite boycott threats - API SmartBrief

How much more proof do the Republicans need? Hasn't there been enough contaminated water?
Hasn't there been enough dead animals? Hasn't there been enough ordinary citizens inconvenienced? Hasn't there been enough ruined family land? I've only provided some of the stuff that's happened in Texas, I haven't even included the atrocities occurring in other states around our great country.

Republicans want more studies done to see if emission reducing legislation will actually reduce emissions? They're so up in arms that they're going to boycott? Why is the current administration being bullied by the minority Republicans? We can't wait any longer...the oil & gas industry is killing us.


Gar said...

Do you ever ask yourself why the government is involved in the first place?

Do you want them to pass laws to force you to drive an electric car? Why don't you just do it if you are concerned?

If you think Exxon is killing the climate, quit buying things from Exxon.

You are hoping the government will force everyone to think like you do, but wouldn't it be better for everyone to just agree?

We can make a difference without the government's help (one way or another).

Expecting the government (Republicans or Democrats) to take care of us is dangerous business.

As far as I'm concerned the Republicans and Democrats are wasting our money in new and ingenious ways.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Yes, I have thought about having no gov't...without government it would be total anarchy...a state of lawlessness. I don't know about you, but there are some people who need to wear clothes, I kinda want to keep that law around. ;)

Well, thank you very much for allowing me to be concerned. I might just go buy that electric car. I'm sure that will solve ALL of our pollution problems. I'm almost certain, that that one act will send a clear message to BIG oil and gas, that...Ugh...I'm not taking it anymore. Oooh, I'm sure they'll be plenty scared now.

I'm not asking the gov't to force anyone to agree with my viewpoint. I'm asking the gov't to do it's job and that my darlin' is to protect my pursuit of happiness. Why should big oil and gas have the right to take property that belongs to me? Put up a well just 100 feet from my home? Vent gasses into the air, killing my domestic pets? Contaminate my drinking water? Dig big pits next to the road and fill it with toxic waste? Take over public parks, bulldoze the trees, and threaten that it's for the GOOD of the economy?

I think you had the choice of who you wanted to marry.

Durango said...

You are wrong CT2, Gar was forced, by the government, to marry that German girl. without the benefit of taking the relationship for a test ride. It really is quite a scandalous intervention by the government in a citizen's private life. Now, poor ol', long suffering Gar is stuck in a marriage, not of his wanting, due to the government forcing him into this unholy linkage, simply because it was a foreigner he wanted to take on a test run. Try to have a little understanding, CT2.

Anonymous said...

Gar, This is A.S.T real name is classified U can call me AS or AT.???? no idea what you are doing on this earth because you have to be an alien if you want no government.So what is your real name Snagtar21 or spoobark34?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Durango, seeing that the government forced Gar into this state of matrimony, do ya think they'll give him a bailout?

Durango said...

CT2--Gar can only hope for a bailout at this point in his, uh, fiscal debacle.

Gar said...

You guys need to take a reading comprehension class.

I never said no government.

I also didn't mention my marriage in any of these comments.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

No, you didn't mention your marriage here, but you did mention it here:

To me, this has nothing to do with privacy. It's more to do with how you are allowed to live. It was Republicans that wanted to make gay marriage illegal. To which I would reply, "Do we really want the government telling us who we can marry?"

This particularly came to light when I met my current wife in Germany. The government makes it very difficult to marry a foreigner.

I would have happily paid a little more taxes to the Democrats if they would have allowed me to live with my girlfriend in the USA for a while before getting married. Allowing her to live as an American to see if she enjoyed it before having to get married.

Durango said...

Where I went to school there were no reading comprehension classes offered, that I knew of.