Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Urban Legend of Durango

Did ya hear about the oil company that said fracking fluid was safe? And did ya know that the reason for not disclosing what's in fracking fluid is because it'd be like Coke sharing it's secret formula? Yeah, Ron Heyden of Halliburton said that. What ever! What these companies will do to get out of telling the truth. It's scandalous I tell ya!

There's an urban legend about a nurse over in Durango, CO. Allegedly this employee of Weatherford International, walked into the emergency room with some fracking fluid on his boots. This ER nurse came into contact with the fluid and a few days later experienced a whole host of serious symptoms! Her skin turned yellow, she began vomiting and retaining fluids. This ER nurse had to be taken to the ER, where she found out her liver was swollen and her lungs were filling with fluid. Wow! And only ten minutes exposure to ZetaFlow...the alleged fracking fluid in question. The Weatherford employee has denied having ZetaFlow on him, but why was he at the ER? Well, because he'd been involved in a fracturing fluid spill where a 130 gallons of ZetaFlow had been released.

Since then BP has suspended it's use of ZetaFlow, stating they need to "understand this product better." You've been using it for three years and NOW you want to "understand this product better?" How quaint.

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