Sunday, November 15, 2009

PeeWhew! Encana Stinks! Brace Yourselves Luzerne County!

The worst of the worst is coming to town, and I wish I were talking about Santa Clause, unfortunately, I'm not. Nope, the invader of homes and property I'm referring to is none other than Encana! These guys are notorious for scamming people, contaminating water, spreading smelly bad stuff, and endangering aquifers in the name of cleaning up!

I don't know about you, but if I were a resident of Luzerne County; the destination of Encana's next environmental disaster, I'd put up road blocks! Everyone in the county should be out with picket signs refusing to let those dirty rotten scroundrels in!

OH, you better watch out! You better cry loud! You better speak out! I'm telling you why...Because Big Bad Encana is your town!


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Jovan! I lost your message!!! I hit the wrong publish or to reject...

Yes, yes...after Thanksgiving, I think we should get the guitar and go caroling with the "new" song ;)

Jovan Gonzales said...

Oh geez, thanks! :P I'd love to go caroling, but I think I may make your ears bleed ... I cannot sing at all. I can fake operatic style pretty well though. I'll only go if we go to Swiss Avenue; I love how beautiful Swiss Avenue looks around the holidays!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Swiss Ave? Where would this be?

Jovan Gonzales said...


It's only one of the best collections of historic homes representing almost all architectural styles in the United States. That's not over-exaggeration either. There's something like 200 homes there. Moral of the story: since each house prolly costs about a jillion dollars, each one tries to outdo the other in their displays. It's wonderful. You should see the shows they do on Halloween! The lights at Christmas are awesome. I can't believe you haven't seen it. Even in the day it's quite amazing. The street's even tree-lined and everything.

I just realized in that rant that I didn't include it's location! It's northeast of downtown Dallas. Swiss Ave, approximately between Fitzhugh and Skillman (if I remember correctly).

Checked Google. If you just google "Dallas" then click the map and zoom in, the marker should be right on top of where Swiss Ave is located. Even in Google Streets it's pretty impressive!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said... sounds amazing! I haven't made my Winter holiday plans as of yet, maybe...I could get over to Swiss Ave and take a gander! Luv lookin' at lights and decorations :)