Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Radioactive Water Is Naturally Occurring?

I was catching up on my reading this morning, and I bet you're wondering how is it that I'm home catching up on my reading and not at work? I took the day off, sort of a mental health day. I strongly believe everyone should have one of those every now and then. I highly recommend it.

I came across a strange and bizarre comment, "Radioactive water naturally occurs." I didn't know this and I wished some of my really smart friends would explain that to me, being as I am blonde and I need lots of explanations. Does this mean that I could drink this radioactive water and become the incredible Muck, er...uh Hulk?

If that weren't interesting enough, I then came across this fascinating piece of fabulous read. It seems that this unfortunate driver was unfortunately behind this rather slow moving truck that's carrying something rather muddy. This driver went from having a nice clean car to a dirty grimy muddy car.

I'm on my third cup of java, and have looked around the house and realize with a huge sigh that there's dusting to be done. I love using that allergen reducer by Febreze. I sure hope that stuff isn't toxic, considering all the toxic stuff I've got to deal with already.

I'm finishing up my coffee, while reading a lovely little article about the upcoming climate summit. Seems that because President Obama hasn't set a target for the US to shoot for is keeping all the other countries from making a commitment. It truly is a monkey see monkey do kind of world, isn't it? I keep reading about the Cap and Trade thing going on over in the Senate and I haven't quite figured out if it's good or bad. I mean, capping emissions is good, but as I talk to my conservative friends about it they're all up in arms and against it. They tend to think that energy prices will soar. When I read about it, there seems to be economic incentives being offered to companies that reduce emissions. I'm still reading about it and haven't quite got a handle on it all, but I will. Now it's time to do a bit of laundry and get rid of dust.

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