Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Taking A Poll

Someone suggested that I not demand the government force others to think the way that I think, but that I should just get everyone to agree with me. And that in total agreement, then we (I suppose those that agree with me) can make a difference without any laws being passed to ensure accountability. I was going to blog about the mining being done in West Virginia. I was going to tell you about how the strip mining has demolished and leveled hundreds of Appalachian Peaks. I was also going to relate how families are now more impoverished than before. Next I was going to show you pictures of the scarred landscape and the contaminated water. Then I was going to provide you with a link that you could click so that you could urge the current administration to save West Virginia's lone mountain in the Coal River Valley from blasting. But that would be demanding the government to force you to think like me, and I shan't do that.

So, I was thinking, if you agree with me, how's about we go stand on top of that last remaining mountain in the Coal River Valley and keep it safe from blasting. Are ya with me?