Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tasting Tears And Let It Be

Thursdays are usually my HCG Diet update, but after arriving at the gym, a friend pointed me towards the online article about the tragedy in Fort Hood. Leaning over the desk, I read the words printed on the screen. While reading I felt an immediate sense of panic, fear swept across my body and all at once, I wanted desperately to touch my children and see and hear them.

I understand overwhelming depression, I've been there. I know the feeling of just wanting to leave this world and never wake up. I know how exhausting it is sometimes to go day after day alone, to feel as if the world is caving in around you and all that you know is gone. And although I've been devastated beyond hope it would seem, I never lost hope.

I don't understand the feelings and emotions one would have in order to end so many lives. Some are suggesting this person acted in fear of going off to war, what I suggest is to let his motives be. Spend this time reaching out to the victims, the mothers, fathers, spouses and children whose lives are now filled with a void. 55,000 people are on lock down and can't comfort their loved ones. My thoughts are with you.

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