Saturday, December 5, 2009

Email Leaks, Pipeline Leaks And Faulty Parents

I don't even know why I read the news anymore, just take a look at what the morning brought me:

"Police have issued a murder arrest warrant for a California teen and charged his parents after charred and fragmented human remains, believed to be a missing youth, were found in their backyard."

I was horrified to view the video about the teen shooting and then finding out that the parents helped burn the body in a fire in the back yard. Same kinda thing happened in my little town of Wink a couple of years ago.

A teen girl was badly beaten and raped multiple times, while the parents were in the house. They helped cover up evidence and skew the events so as to protect their boy and the others involved. There's just no denying that these parents have a few screws loose.

Then there's the email leaks in the Brit Think Tank. Of course, it would happen right before the Climate Summit, coincidence? I think not. So there's all kinds of damage control being done. It appears that information about man made warming has been held back, not shared...something along those lines. But here's the bottom line:

"We need maximum transparency including about all the data but it's also very, very important to say one chain of e-mails, potentially misrepresented, does not undo the global science," Miliband said. "I think we want to send a very clear message to people about that."

Miliband is Britain's climate change secretary. Does the US have one of those? I also discovered that they call the global warming naysayers "flat Earth-ers"...that's funny.

Yeah, those two stories were disturbing, but the one sent to me via email was the worst. I'm not real concerned with debating global warming...yada yada yada...I'm more concerned that oil and gas companies act responsible and enact safety standards while extracting natural gas and oil and during the transport of it. This blatant lack of responsibility is what I and others want to see reformed. Some people yesterday, when they found about the email leaks, got all gloaty and wagged their fingers in my face. "Everything you blog about is a lie!" Really?

So, this pipeline over in Minnesota that ruptured, spilling 210,000 million gallons of crude oil is a figment of my imagination? And the contaminated soil doesn't exist? And this isn't the second pipeline rupture this month and this being only the fifth day of the month? Yeah, I lie a lot.


TXsharon said...

The FACT about global warming is that it COULD be true. And if it is true, which I believe it is because all the real scientists say so, then the implications for our childrens' future are dramatic and not worth gambling.

So, I say: What the hell is so bad about cleaning up our act? Clean is good, eh?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Clean is very good...and why wouldn't we want to pristine clean in the handling of dangerous chemicals? To quibble over global warming really shouldn't be the issue...the relevance is that there are emission control devices readily available, and yet these companies REFUSE to use them.

Ward in the Woods said...

I'll leave the global warming to
Brian Shaw,(denier) as he and
guvnah goodhair become buffoons
of history. Which if industry
chose to use re-capture and do
things responsibly,would not
only help to save the planet but
might save the precious profits
they desire,rather than spend
them for remediation.