Friday, December 11, 2009

Grendel And A Most Relaxing Weekend Planned

The boys and I finished reading Beowulf today. It was a most excellent afternoon. I love to finish the reading with an additional reading of a chapter from Gardner's poem, Grendel. It's the epic of Beowulf, but told from Grendel's perspective.

The chapter I selected starts from the night that Grendel attacks Herot Hall and finds Beowulf and a most miserable end. I get all crazy and insane, changing my voice to imitate that of the "my precious" ghoul from The Hobbit. I enthrall the boys with my rendition.

During one of the morning classes, a boy fell asleep towards the end of the reading of Beowulf. I began my reading of Grendel. When I approached the part of the story that has Grendel getting his arm ripped off and howling, "MAMA!" I howl it as well. Well, my howling woke sleeping charming up, he being dazed and confused ran from the room! I had scared him senseless! He didn't know what to think. We all got a good laugh out of that one.

The weekend promises a relaxing time which I'll use gladly to relax, think and ponder my plans for Christmas. Selecting the baked goods, presents for the kiddos and getting my cards and annual letters mailed off seems a most enjoyable way to begin the holiday season.


Jovan Gonzales said...

I hope you understand that I pretty much just psychoanalyzed this entire post based entirely on your diction and syntax. Hahahahahaha. It's early and for some reason, I was reading your post with extra attention to detail, as though I was analyzing a poem! Argh.

Anyways, Christmas cards = lame. I HATE doing them. I like pressies, though. I am always the one to wrap all the presents this time of year. You haven't gotten your gifts, yet!? WHAT!? Hope you're ready to fight off the Christmas Crowds. Ick.

Um, can you PLEASEEEE send me some baked goods!? Fruitcake cookies are the best. If you grimaced at the thought of fruitcake cookies, I suggest you order some from Mary of Puddin Hill in Greenville and then thank me later! :)

Have a loverly weekend!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

No hidden meanings darlin' ;)

LOVE My Fair Lady! Well, this year I have photo family, these are sorta the same as presents, no?

Shoot me your address in an email:

AND...we'll see what we can do about getting you some holiday goodies!