Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I thought it would be kinda neat to go back and pick my favorite posts from each month of the year. Okay, I didn't start the blog until April, so I've cheated a little and have selected a few stories from a fellow blogger. Here goes:

January 2009
Zombie Problem In Austin Texas

I love zombie movies, yeah, I'm morbid like that.

February 2009
Getting A Good Poke In Texas, Polly The Parrot And A Heat Wave

The fine art of Face Book poking is very well explained, and you know how much I like to poke.

March 2009
Rural Texas Women Are Getting It Done

What can I say, Texas women are just plain HOTT!

April 2009
Resentment Reaps Rancid Rancor

Not a really great post, but it's when I figured out how to successfully add pictures!

May 2009
Wink Texas and Ghostly Tales

I tell a pretty good ghost story in this one!

June 2009
Roy Orbison Festival 2009 Wink, TX

The first time I attempted writing about some local news.

July 2009
Wink's Children and Their Ongoing Relationship With Scottish Rite

These kids were fabulous and I enjoyed writing about them and taking their pictures!

August 2009
Up Not So Early To Do Turner Falls

My I am woman hear me roar road myself!

September 2009
Annie Draw Inspiration From The Tandy Hills

Our first encounter with Don Young and Annie's idea to have her own prairie.

October 2009
Final Home Football Game and End of the Pre Game Meal

What West Texas is truly all about...high school football!

November 2009
Touring the Second Wink Sink and Predicting the Next

This was a really cool post. There's pictures and a private tour of the famous Wink Sink Hole!

December 2009
Fracking Zombies

What can I say? I'm a freak for zombies!

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