Friday, December 4, 2009

This has been one mighty cold wintry day. Went to bed with it snowing and woke up to it snowing. The temperature rose a bit above freezing, which melted and cleared the roads right nice like allowing me ample time to pick Annie up from school and get over to Kermit to take care of some banking and insurance.

I'm not sure what happened, but my auto insurance company sent me a cancellation notice, stating that I was several months behind on the payments. I know I mailed in the payments, have the bank statements proving two of the checks were cashed, but not applied to my insurance account, the third I suppose is missing. My agent said they were discontinuing business with Kemper and only doing new insurance with Farmers. After about an hour with my agent, we got my insurance woes taken care of.

I texted Annie, who decided to remain at home while I did these errands, to see if she needed anything. She responded that yes, she was hungry. I texted her back inquiring as to what type of food she wanted. She responded, "the kind you eat." What a smarty pants. After I picked her up the type of food that you can eat, I made my way home. Annie was hiding waiting to ambush me with several snowballs. She got my backside all wet.

Not to be outdone, I waited a bit and then went out and made myself a snowball, which I then pelted her with. You can see the cold white powder hiding within her brunette locks. We played this game for quite a while, until our hands were red and very cold.