Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting On My Year

I began 2009 with several resolutions and an end to a 10 year marriage. The end of my marriage was fully realized during the summer of 2008. Why is it that when you know something is over, you've been preparing for it, that when it happens you're still so hurt? I spent a period of several months going through I suppose clinical depression. Yeah, I think that describes it.

When a person only moves to get food, only moves to wash dishes, only moves to wash clothes...only exists because deep down she knows there's people that depend on her. If those people weren't there...what purpose then?

I did manage with lots of reading, lots of walking, lots of listening and finally lots of talking to push through that awful time.

Back to my New Year Resolutions. Well, there were several. First, I wanted to exercise daily and lose a bit of weight along the way. That one, I accomplished...yay! I still go to the gym three to four days a week and in the warmer months was running three to five miles in the evenings.

Second, I wanted to do a bit more writing. I started this very blog. Of course, it's nothing special, but through the blog I've met some fantastic people and have learned so many things I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Third, I wanted to do a bit more traveling than I had been doing. That was also accomplished and even though it was only to places in Texas, it was still enjoyable and lots of fun.

Fourth, while I was married, I distanced myself from friends. I wanted re-establish friendships and make new friends. I've been able to do both and wow...I'm very thankful.

So, now here comes 2010 and a whole new set of resolutions to make and not to break. Some people say that the last day of the year is just like any other day of the year, and that may be well and true, but for most it's symbolic for a new beginning. A chance to make strong resolves. An opportunity to hone hearty habits and a last ditch effort to bash bad behaviors.

From out here in West Texas...Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Make one resolution to travel out here to WA! Would love to meet you. Your blogs are so thought provoking and a bit too close to home at times, but in a good way!!!! Keep it up and have a WONDERFUL New Year, my new friend!!!


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Steph, you made me blush! lol Only if the whole family is up to a visit from me, then you my friend...have a deal. Maybe I could get Durango to come along!