Friday, December 18, 2009

Update From Kevin Forbes And The Oil And Gas People

A while back I told all of you that Kevin Forbes and the Oil and Gas People were following me. Imagine my delighted surprise to find that Kevin left me a most superb comment on that post today! So, I've updated a bit of information about Kevin and made a few corrections. I just LOVE British men, have I mentioned that before?

Kevin Forbes and the Oil and Gas People are Following me!

Here's His most superb comment:

Hi There. I am Kevin Forbes and I am not a recruiter :) I am a contractor who works in the oil and gas industry. I got frustrated with recruitment companies and other oil and gas job sites in how little they do for candidates. Oil and Gas People is an oil and gas job site following a totally new and unique model. For more information on the site and how we work click here

Also if you want to know more about me then my online CV can be viewed here This very basic page is what lead to Oil and Gas People. Any candidate on the site receives a free online CV that they can link to.

We also have a community site which is where you found the oil and gas news tab. This site allows people in the industry to network and share information.



twister said...

He's a pipe layer? :1

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Twister, He's a very good pipe layer