Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rise Above The Little Things

Saturday, did I tell you what I had planned for Saturday? Well, nothing and I like it that way. I stayed up really late watching a movie Friday night, that I've been wanting to see, Julie & Julia, two true stories rolled into one big movie. I found the movie rather long, but enjoyable, especially if you're a big fan of Julia Child, like I am. I've never been able to cook all that well, I suppose if I put my mind to it, then I could, but I haven't had the notion of putting my mind to it. I'm a more of the gardening type, you know, growing the herbs you might put into a great dish, I'll let somebody else do the cooking.

I rolled out of bed rather late, around 8AM and then lounged around until 9:30AM drinking coffee and reading. Annie and I went out in the back yard and did some raking and scooping. It was a most gorgeous day, about 73 degrees, sun shining, just a beautiful Spring like day. It felt like Spring in several ways...the Augustine grass is still green, a woodpecker was pecking pecans way up in the top of the pecan tree, and it felt good to be outside in a sleeveless shirt.

Finishing up in the yard allowed me the opportunity to do a workout at the gym today. Two hours of almost all inner and outer thigh work...I'm determined to wear a swimsuit this coming swim wear season. I've added five new exercises that's sure to tone and tighten up those thigh bulges...yuck...did I just mention bulges?

I think I probably need to do a bit more tonight to work the thighs. Last weekend I went dancing at a Quinceanera. Well, one of my friends thought I had so much fun dancing that he's insisted on taking me dancing tonight. I have a funny suspicion that it involves the two step. How do I know? He said to wear my boots, jeans and that he has something for my head...hmff. I can two step, it's just that I choose not to.

My attitude is just like the attitude in an article I read earlier today about a Geothermal Project over in California. AltaRock decided that it could continue to drill if it wanted to, but chose not to, because of damaging earthquakes. But as I continued to read, it seems that AltaRock was doing the drilling with federal money, and that AltaRock had not been "forthcoming" about earthquakes from another geothermal project.

This type of work requires fracturing the bedrock...what? Have you heard that word before? After fracturing, then water is circulated through the crack to create steam. The article further states, "By its nature, fracturing creates earthquakes, though most of them are small." Many geothermal drilling procedures don't require the deep drilling and fracturing of the bedrock, so the feds believe that geothermal energy is still viable.

Hmmm...seems that when the federal government is involved there are tighter regulations, more inquiry, accountability, personal responsibility, safety, it doesn't surprise me when I read that AltaRock may restart the project with private money instead.


Don Young said...

This is a first. Inner and outer thighs mentioned in the same post as gas drilling. I'm sure you worry about the former more than necessary. Nice post.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you, Mr. Young...tried to SQUEEZE all I could into that one.